The Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology ( IPST )



IPST joined other non-OECD member countries in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) known as PISA Plus in 2000. Every three years, PISA assesses how far students near the end of compulsory education have acquired some of the knowledge and skills essential for full participation in society. In all cycles, the domains of reading, mathematical and scientific literacy are covered not merely in terms of mastery of the school curriculum, but in terms of important knowledge and skills needed in adult life.
In the PISA 2003 cycle, an additional domain of problem solving was introduced to continue the examination of cross-curriculum competencies.
Thai students from schools attached to the General Education Commission, the Primary Education Commission, the Private Education Commission, the Ministry of Defense, the Vocational Education as well as from the university demonstration schools participated in the PISA assessment, as follows:


  Number of schools Number of students
PISA 2000 179 5,340
PISA 2003 179  5,236
PISA 2006 212  6,192
PISA 2009 230  6,225


Results of PISA 2009 assessment indicated that Thai students, except for those from university demonstration schools, ranked lower than the OECD's average. University demonstration school students were on par with their OECD peers coming out at the top of the list.
Meanwhile, Thailand as a member of the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement or IEA since 1967, has also participated in IEA's every-four-year series of international assessments of fourth and eight grades student achievement called TIMSS or TRENDS IN INTERNATIONAL MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE STUDY. As one of TIMSS participants, we share its conviction that comparing education systems in terms of organization, curricula, and instructional practices in relation to corresponding student achievement provides information crucial for effective education policy-making.

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