In Memory of Professor Hans O. Andersen

In Memory of Professor Hans O. Andersen


Ajarn Hans, the honorable person most people love ... Professor Hans O. Andersen

     "Extending our gratitude and condolence to Sandy and the Andersen family members through our open mind's letter of comfort...The Honorable Person Most People Love: Professor Hans O. Andersen (Ajarn Hans)
Professor Hans O. Andersen (or Ajarn Hans to the Thai) is considered the invaluable academia who is recognized at international level since the very first years he graduated from Indiana University at Bloomington in 1966. The recognitions are mostly derived from his works both in the United States and abroad. To name as a few, his works have been honored in a number of services and recognitions as follows.

- Science Education Professor at Indiana University, Bloomington, since 1966
- Author of eight textbooks and over 150 articles on science teacher preparation, science teaching and science curriculum
- Former President of the Association for the Education of Teachers in Science, USA
- Former Chair of the Education Section of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, USA
- Former President of the National Science Teachers Association, USA
- Among many other honors, Professor Andersen has received the Distinguished Teaching Award at Indiana University and Robert E. Carlton Award for distinguished National Leadership in Science Education (NSTA), USA
- UNESCO Senior Expert in Educational Techniques, the Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST), Bangkok, Thailand from 1966 onward
- Consultant in Science Education in Thailand, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Australia, and Papua New Guinea Thailand, in particular, has also received his contribution in number of ways. For instance, he had been advisor of at least a dozen of Thai doctoral students at Indiana University, Bloomington. These Thai students, after returning home, have worked as academia and educators of the several educational institutions of the country. Some of them have turned to some other careers and become the well known people in Thailand such as Dr. Pussadee Tamthai, to name as an example, who has served as a Member of Parliament and now serving as acting governor of Bangkok. Professor Andersen also helped advised some other Thai students, even though they are not in the field of education, in the graduated level, who want to study in the United States.
- From 2003 onward, Professor Andersen has advised number of educational institutions in Thailand and conducted the various workshops for the several colleges and universities such as The Srinakarintaraviroj University (Prasanmitr), Mahidol University and some other institutions located in the up country outside Bangkok in Khonkan, Nakornratchasima, Suratthani, Udornthani, Pitsanulok, Rayong and some other places. Just to name as a few.

    In 2006, The Ministry of Education of Thailand had awarded him an honorary medal as the foreign academia who has greatly and lengthly contributed to education of Thailand in science education for over forty years consecutively (from 1966 to 2006). Also, in 2006, Professor Andersen was granted an audience to the Crown Prince to receive the honorary doctoral degree from Pranakorn Rajaphat University, in Bangkok, Thailand.

     Professor Andersen has devoted himself to Thai educational society for over forty years with the commitment to improve the science education in Thailand. His relentless work is greatly contributed to science education in Thailand at all levels. He is one of the very few people from abroad who devoted to Thai education for the very long period of time. It can be said that the works of Professor Andersen are mostly in line of the philosophy and objectives of most educational institutions in Thailand. Of which, education is not only the pedagogical methods, but it is part of the social activities the educational institutions have to provided to the society to ensure that those students who graduated from the colleges and universities will be the good assets of the country. Social development is the results of number of aspects in the society either in social, politics or economic. But the development has to start with education, which are both arts and science, in common. Science is generated from imagination first. Some famous people like Davinci have both arts and science thinking in his mind. The works of Professor Andersen, for the whole life, has devoted to help the new generation to use science as instrument to develop the society. He himself used an art of teaching to improve the capacity of the personnel in science teaching. This means the methods of teaching science can be adjusted and adapted outside the classroom. And this will lead to the broader perspective of the use of science teaching, and benefits those who work in any other functions in the society. Professor Andersen has convinced the benefits of personal improvement in human resources. He always thinks about the students since the children age. He loved to teach high school students in science education with the hope that this young generation will have enough basic science in their mind. He used both arts and science as methods of teaching. Even he has come of age that supposed to retire from working, he still loves to teach.

     Professor Andersen has contributed a great deal to the Thai education for a long period of time. His contributions are so invaluable and in numerous aspects. By the time he passed away, he will be gone only in physical. But, in our heart and soul, he will stay with us forever. Rest in Peace, Ajarn Hans"