The Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology ( IPST )

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The Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST) was established on 16th January 1972 by the Announcement of the National Executive Council no. 42 dated 16th January 2515 B.E. The initial funding and technical support came from the United National Development Programme (UNDP) with precise objectives to made science curricula more responsive to the needs of the modern economy, increase the effectiveness of the methods of learning and develop training program focused on enhancing skills appropriate to modern methods of teaching and learning. Then by virtue of the Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology Act 2541 B.E. (1998), and amended in 2548 B.E. (2005) (second issue), IPST has become an autonomous entity responsible for the development and improvement of science, mathematics and technology education at the basic education level.


An autonomous entity with budget support and policy direction from the Ministry of Education


To raise Thai students' competence in science, mathematics and technology to international standards


IPST has been established with the following objectives:

1. To initiate, execute, coordinate and promote the study and research of curricula, teaching & learning techniques and evaluation in sciences, mathematics and technology at all educational levels with focus on basic education.

2. To promote, coordinate and execute human resources training for teachers, instructors, lecturers, students and university students on the teaching & learning and research of science, mathematics and technology.

3. To promote, coordinate and execute research, development and preparation of text books, exercises, academic papers, all supplementary materials as well as production of science equipment and materials for teaching science, mathematics and technology.

4. To promote total quality assessment and assurance system development for in-school science, mathematics and technology education;

5. To develop and promote science, mathematics and technology talents as well as outstanding and talented science, mathematics and technology teachers.

6. To advise governmental and non-governmental agencies and offices involved in education provision specifically about their authorities and duties relating to science, mathematics and technology education described in 1-5 above.

Core Values: 

Innovation, Professionalism, Service Excellence, Team Synergy and Quality


Strategy 1: Raising the quality of SMT curriculum and organization of learning experiences to internationally accepted standards

Strategy 2: Driving integrated learning and developing students' analytical thinking skills with innovative learning mechanisms

Strategy 3: Developing manpower and support network for efficient and effective organization of learning experience

Strategy 4: Proactive communication and public relations to promote science, mathematics and technology learning

Strategy 5: Improving management and IT systems for higher quality and performance of IPST and staff by means of competency-based human resource management system


Short-term (2010-2011) - maintain the same level of national test score

Medium-term (2012-2016) – increase the national test score by more than 50%

Long-term (2017-2027) – increase the national test score by more than 60%

The International test score stands above average, or within top ten world ranking

Board of committee led by: 

Chairman Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tatchai Sumitra

Management executives led by: 

President Dr. Pornpun Waitayangkoon




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Bangkok 10110, Thailand
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